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Pumpkin slutface

I ran this last year, so I’m going to do it again as this is actually My most favourite time of the year, even though I will moan on about the cold more than often! But I do love Halloween and all that goes with it, the decoration, the horror films, it takes the edge of everything and even though its not done to the amazing levels it is in America (I wish the UK went as crazy and enjoyed it as much) its still a really nice prelude to Bonfire night and then of course My birthday (December 5th for your diaries!) and then of course Xmas!

So to start My favourite time of year off, I’m going to run a free competition for those that wish to enter. Yes there is a small prize for the winner!

Its called: Pumpkin slutface!
What does it involve? Your creativity!
What do you need do? Get a pumpkin, and use your creativity to make her a slutface. Be as creative as you wish to create the perfect pumpkin slutface using whatever you wish to enhance her. Crayons, felt tips, marker pens, wigs, toilet roll holders and sticky back plastic!
If you wish to really have some fun, put your little cock in her mouth and add that to your submission.

Competition runs from now, until 4th November 2016. Entries to be posted on Twitter with #pumpkinslutface and tag Me of course so I can view the entry.

The prize is a pair of My used stockings.
Happy carving and creating.

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