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Forget April

That’s My intention anyway. Forget April, its not been a good month and I will just leave that there.

So lets see what the rest of the year brings? For Me I think 2016 has been a little dismal so far, a lot of passing in the world of music, film and screen. People we all loved and enjoyed for various reasons and seems its a horrible trend that keeps going through this year.

This website has kept Me busy for the best part of April and at some points, thankfully so, it became a welcome distraction and its also been a hard time making it all look right. Hell yes I like it, I wouldn’t have published it otherwise!

I’m not sure what a good blog would be to be honest, there will of course be tales and photos of sessions being added as I go. For now I wanted to present a whole new site with new shots and a few old favourites as well! I don’t know how often I will update this either to be honest, with what I do I can get quite busy. I tend to get very in depth in what I do and that in turn takes time. Time is the one thing that isn’t on anybodies side so needs to be spent and enjoyed to the full. If that means working, then hopefully you enjoy what you do as I do and enjoy even more, those pleasures that you partake in that lead you to explore My site.

So what’s next and upcoming? I have some interesting sessions upcoming with a new slave seeking chastity denial, to have her limits expanded and spread, and yes, there is a pun intended there! I have some surprises lined up for the near future with those where if you do find you enjoy reading these unplanned waffles, you may just be able to share in those surprises somewhat.

I wanted to drop in a thank you to some people whilst I may, for their help in many varied ways that have brought this site together. No particular order, you were and are all wonderful. x b1919, cagedp, b (closet), sarah, the thug, sissy charlotte & amber.

With that full stop, I do believe that will be the end of My first blog and the creation of this website complete.

Goddess Alexis


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