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Blog for a whore

I do not expect this would be written with the greatest prose, nor grammatical punctuation as it would require to be approved by some out there, however, this is My blog and I’m the one doing the typing!

Only, this isn’t about Me. This is about a total whore, a whore that enjoys being called a whore, a whore that enjoys the thrill and excitement of being *drum roll* exposed. Now exposure is not something to be taken lightly, as the one riding the crest of a wave is not only exploring and enjoying the thrill of potential exposure, but also chancing who knows what?

Most certainly a private life, quite possibly a significant other and furry things too. No I don’t mean handcuffs either. But aside from the bricks and mortar, what else would be at risk? A job in a factory, a job in an office block, no job and just the humiliation of people talking snidely behind their back in the street. After all this is the present day and what with social media who needs to monitor the television for clues as to what is going on in the real world, let alone what has gone on in the recent past? Everything is now available at the click of a button. Within mere minutes the whole world can be trending about any number of things, including dirty whores hiding a lot of humiliating secrets!

That’s where I can now explain that not only are you reading My blog, but you are possibly going to be able to learn as I have, the true identity of whom @CDLatexslut really is. Not just the humiliating no make up, no wig photos I’ve been posting on Twitter recently, no, I refer to the actual WHOIS that total dirty slut @CDLatexslut ?

But, do you care? After all, he is nothing more than an attention seeking whore, who craves humiliation and degradation, who loves to be told what a dirty bitch he/she is, and regardless of what he says, he really DOES want you to RT every single exposing image of him. Every filthy photo where he is dressed in latex, exposing himself, becoming a total whore for your amusement.

If you do care, then all you need to do is take a chance and review this blog post on a regular basis. I’m calling it an ‘easter egg’ where if you locate this ‘easter egg’ you will then, as I do, know the true identity of who @CDLatexslut really is in real life.

If you were to find out, then I would suggest you message @CDLatexslut directly to make him aware perhaps and then also, enjoy the great amount of fun that I do by having knowledge of such. Treat him gently, as every moment this blog is up, his anxiety is rising but its not the only thing rising I expect. Blood pressure, pointless useless cock as well most likely! and the ‘easter egg’ is here before you may think it isn’t!

As the risk is great, do be aware that I am not going to give clues, hints, tips anything to assist you in this. this blog post has been written with full permission of @CDLatexslut and I will make you aware that I will not provide you with his true identity under any circumstances (Unless you discover the ‘easter egg’). Which leads Me to a conclusion over how long I will let this blog remain for in the true interests of privacy. I think I’ll leave it up until Guy Fawkes night, 5th November 2016.

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