Forgot about this!

Someone told Me to always ensure that you update your blog on a regular basis, other wise people won’t know if you are actually there or not!
I’m here! Present. Ohh, yes please, wishlist can be found at …

So much to tell you, so much to keep to Myself. More changes coming here soon, a new gallery I wish to add. When? Better keep checking back hadn’t you? Those that get to know, the lucky ones, the ones who worship Me, treat Me, they get to enjoy their own private spoils from what you will not see added to the new gallery.

One thing I have noted since this site went live, is that some new and interesting sissy sluts have entered My domain. I’m not interested in displaying names (unless I’m asked !) but each has their own journey with Me and they are all of them developing at a lovely pace. Soon I shall and will be offering My sissy sluts for your pleasure if you are in their vicinity, well those filthy sluts that are training towards doing so and, that’s most of them I think haha! You can always count on a sissy faggot to be the most willing, so eager to please Goddess and they all do a very good job of their duties. I always try to have them promote themselves as often as possible, so I hope you find a desire for one of them, they will as I say, soon be available.

I had a lovely session last week, involved quite a lot of CP which I really enjoyed. Safe to say sissy had a very sore bottom for a few days! Plus, she can’t wait for the next instalment but can’t get to Me for other reasons. Poor sissy …

I have a photo-shoot lined up, a proper one this time and that’s where the new images will be coming from. Its something I’ve always wanted to enjoy and in the coming months I’m looking to follow up on some other things I have consulted over as well. I also have some lovely new latex to take with Me as well, which reminds Me, anyone have a spare few hours to shine the stuff! Westward Bound have such amazing latex, I can’t get enough of it and they were superb again with delivery as My dress has arrived before the photo-shoot and I just love it! Such amazing quality, and the colour, is just lush.

I also now own My first pair of Louboutins, finding that I seem to have a very petite 3.5 shoe size. Had a lovely time trying on all the different pairs, I think I may need some more before the year is out!

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