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I am happy to announce that I am now back hosting Real-time sessions. 
Undertaken in the confines of My own personal domestic setting, I offer privacy and an opportunity for you to live out your fetishes. 
At present My furniture is undergoing an overhaul, that includes My St Andrews bondage cross, chair and spanking bench. It will be a few months before they are ready to incorporate into session again. 
 However, My speciality is training sissy sluts to engage in their wildest desires and dress and preen before Me, to shower them with compliments on how wonderful I can help you become. But I can also use My assortment of floggers canes and paddles to teach a lesson when you don’t meet the standards expected by Me. Really misbehave and you will likely be introduced to My array of strapon’s to teach you a proper lesson! 
I’m not just waiting for sissy maids to walk through My door to clean My house, I have boots, shoes and feet that need cleaning and you have a mouth to use. Plus, before you ask, I also enjoy a varied range of fetishes as well but I don’t offer any sexual services, so don’t expect or bother asking. 


If I have not seen you before, I will insist on taking a deposit which would be 50% of the session fee.

I would also like to engage in a non sexual telephone conversation (aka a general chat) with you once your deposit has been received. I would like to know you a little better before our session. However that doesn’t mean that I will be kicking you out of the door after the hour has expired. I don’t operate a revolving door policy and I always offer you a cup of tea and a chance to calm down after!

My availability is limited and I will not differ or agree to any times outside of what is stated and is on 24 hour notice. I don’t operate same day appointments.

I am located on the outskirts of Bradford, which may make a long journey for you, but I promise you it would be worth it


Monday – Tuesday – Thursday – Occasional weekend opportunities available

Weekday hours 9am to 2pm – Weekends – 9am – 5pm

Session cost is £100 per hour or £50 – 30 minutes

Be aware weekend appointments only considered for 30% extra

Should you wish to partake in a session with Mistress, copy the below text and paste into a message here – Contact Me



Day/date/time/duration to engage in session:

Description of your fetishes and desires:

Details will be provided to you in response how to submit your deposit, where upon receipt, I will then provide My private number

I hope to see you very soon x


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